Our Products

Our Products

Coda Cosmetics offers a flawless finish Makeup design with High definition intensity to create the most Natural Makeup Results. It is our goal to bring our consumers the best quality product available in the cosmetic industry and continue to advance our product as the industry improves threw technology. View in PDF/Download the Coda Cosmetics Product Line Order Form.

Product Categories

- Foundation & Powders
- Concealer
- Bronzer
- Blush
- Eye Shadow
- Eye Liner
- Mascara
- Pencils & Pens
- Brow Shaders
- Lipstick & Lip Gloss



Satin Finish Foundation: The Coda Cosmetics’ Satin Finish Foundation is a long lasting satin smooth formula with a flawless finish and minimal shine for that perfect photo finish.

Studio Blend Foundation: The Coda Cosmetics’ Studio Blend Foundation is a medium to full coverage creamy foundation provides a semi-matte finish, is great for extra foundation coverage or concealing.

Powder Foundation: The Coda Cosmetics’ Powder Foundation is a phenomenal addition to our existing foundation products. This foundation applies like a powder but gives the coverage of a foundation and with one easy step you will have a long wearing makeup along with a flawless complexion.

Pressed Powder Luminosity: The Coda Cosmetics’ Pressed Powder Luminosity is a soft powder of gleaming splendor perfect for a highlighting finish.
Coda Cosmetics' Pressed Powder Luminosity

Loose Powder: The Coda Cosmetics’ Loose Powder is a nearly weightless, ultra-fine & silky smooth powder that dusts onto the skin for that perfect finish. Also available in an iridescent powder for that added touch of glow.
Coda Cosmetics' Loose Powder


Concealer: The Coda Cosmetics’ Concealer is a classic concealer with correction shades to perfectly hide imperfections, provides a fuller coverage than your basic concealer, & looks great on film and in photographs.
The Coda Cosmetics' Concealer


Bronzer:  The Coda Cosmetic’s Bronzer is soft and warm adding that “sun-kissed” glow to any skin tone.
Coda Cosmetics' Bronzer


Blush: The Coda Cosmetics’ Blush is a satin powder blush to highlight your cheeks & is offered in a range of colors from subtle neutral to highlighting tones.
Coda Cosmetics' Blush

Eye Shadow:

Eye Shadow: The Coda Cosmetics’ Eye Shadow is a richly pigmented shadow that glides on smoothly for beautiful eyes and is available in matte, frost, & shimmer finish.
Coda Cosmetics' Eye Shadow

Monographic Eye Shadow Pallet: The Coda Cosmetics’ Monographic Eye Shadow Pallet is a compact of five shades of iridescent eye shadows in Blue, Pink, Gold & Green. When layered on top of other eye shadows it gives a subtle illuminating shine.
Coda Cosmetics' Monographic Eye Shadow Pallet

Eye Liner:

Infinity Eye Liner: The Coda Cosmetics’ Infinity Eye Liner glides on smoothly with an angled brush & dries to a smudge-proof & water-proof finish & is formulated with intense color for a defined look.
Coda Cosmetics' Infinity Eye Liner


Fiber Fuse Mascara: The Coda Cosmetics’ Fiber Fuse Mascara is formulated to lengthen & add volume to each lash. This mascara is also formulated to withstand the melting effects of bright lights. This product is a “must have” for makeup artists.

Volumizing Mascara: The Coda Cosmetics’ Volumizing Mascara thickens the lash for a full finish.
Coda Cosmetics' Volumizing Mascara

Lengthening Mascara: The Coda Cosmetics’ Lengthening Mascara lengthens & separates lashes.
Coda Cosmetics' Lengthening Mascara

Pencils & Pens:

Lip Pencil: The Coda Cosmetics’ Lip Pencil is a smooth lip liner pencil that glides on with ease & accentuates your lips. It can also be used as an all over lip color that lasts all day.
Coda Cosmetics' Lip Pencil

Kohl Eye Pencil: The Coda Cosmetics’ Kohl Eye Pencil is an ultra soft pencil that lets you easily draw on smooth concentrated color to dramatically emphasize your eye.
Coda Cosmetics' Kohl Eye Pencil

Eye Defining Pen: The Coda Cosmetics’ Eye Defining Pen is a sleek felt tip pen designed liner that can create a bold line to enhance eye lashes on the top or bottom.
Coda Cosmetics' Eye Defining Pen

Brow Shader:

Brow Shader: The Coda Cosmetics’ Brow Shader is a formulated brow kit with three brow colors and a highlighter to custom blend the most natural brow shape & achieving a three dimensional appearance.
Coda Cosmetics' Brow Shader

Brow Shader Kit: The Coda Cosmetics’ Brow Shader Kit is another formulated brow kit with four brow colors to custom blend the most natural brow shape & achieving a three dimensional appearance.
Coda Cosmetics' Brow Shader Kit

Lipstick & Lip Gloss:

Lipstick: The Coda Cosmetics’ Lipstick is an ultra smooth formulation that applies & blends effortlessly. They are true & vibrant colors with hydration.
Coda Cosmetics' Lipstick

Lip Gloss: The Coda Cosmetics’ Lip Gloss will illuminate your lips with a richly hydrated cream, highlighting the natural beauty of your lips.
Coda Cosmetics' Lip Gloss

Tender Gloss Lipstick: The Coda Cosmetics’ Tender Gloss Lipstick is a shear & moist lipstick.
Coda Cosmetics' Tender Gloss Lipstick

Infinity Lipstick: The Coda Cosmetics’ Infinity Lipstick  is a high pigmented lipstick rich in color & texture.
Coda Cosmetics' Infinity Lipstick